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Where Am I? Finding Your Way at BU

A little something I wrote for the Warren Towers Blog! If you’re not following us already, do it now! Advertisements

There Is No Such Thing As Illegitimate Rape

Running the World on Love

The following question is one I’ve been struggling with quite a bit lately: Can we run the world on love? At first glance, it seems like a ridiculous question. Running the world on love just doesn’t seem practical when you first think about it but I think it becomes much less crazy sounding if you […]

Why I Like To People Watch

I have always been a people watcher.  Maybe it’s a little bit creepy, but give me a bench on Comm. Ave. and a coffee and I will sit there for hours watching the people walk by.  I could never put my finger on it, the reason I was so drawn to people watching until recently.  […]