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41 Things to Watch This Halloween that Won’t Make You Sleep with the Light On

I’m probably the biggest chicken I know.  I still love Halloween though.  For me, Halloween is a celebration of autumn.  Changing leaves, apples, pumpkins, sweaters, and cold weather are some of my favorite things.  Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season.  And everyone knows holidays are magical.  But this post isn’t about Thanksgiving or […]

Copley Square, Kung Fu, and the Power of A Buck

Sitting in Copley Square last week eating my lunch, I heard the following words over the Nicki Minaj blaring in my ears: “Excuse me, miss.  Sorry to bother you but, uh, do you have a dollar?” I looked up to see a middle-aged man standing about 4 feet in front of me.  I took my […]

There Is No Such Thing As Illegitimate Rape

Did Curiosity Kill the Cat?

This post is sparked by today’s Coffee and Convo about what it means to be an adult.  I had to leave before I could speak, so I’m going to summarize my idea on that first: -What are adults?  I think my working definition for the word “adult” is: An older human being who has a […]

Slow Down and Look Around

Slowing down is not something I do very easily.  I talk fast, walk fast, eat fast, and I think even faster.  If I’m not doing something, I think up some strange task to be doing.  Sitting still is not one of my strong suits.  Even as I write this blog post, I am making a […]

Why I Like To People Watch

I have always been a people watcher.  Maybe it’s a little bit creepy, but give me a bench on Comm. Ave. and a coffee and I will sit there for hours watching the people walk by.  I could never put my finger on it, the reason I was so drawn to people watching until recently.  […]