Who is Jill Ferraro?


Arne Duncan during Chicago Public Schools.

Me in 30-40 years? Except probably shorter and less manly.


I am a future teacher, adventurer, woman, education reformer, coffee drinker, student, sister, friend, fighter for equality, team member, softball player, volunteer, resident assistant, conversationalist, glitter lover, writer, organizer, iCal enthusiast, cook, blogger, Disney FANATIC, mentor, lover of peace, blogger, Rhode Islander, daughter, community service lover, traveler, kindness promoter, family member, eater, beauty appreciator, artist, observer.  I enjoy eating tomatoes, good conversations, and hanging out in used bookstores.  I enjoy the scent of old books, obsessively pinning recipes and quotes to my Pinterest page, and a cool night under a starry sky.  I currently teach high school students about Drugs through Peer Health Exchange and am working on my plan to change the world (for a rough outline of the plan, please see below).  Most importantly, I am one human being who believes in the changes that one person can make.


After graduating Boston University in 2013, I hope to begin my career as a teacher working in inner city schools.  I hope to teach…pretty much anything.  Except for upper level math.  That would be a very difficult undertaking.  I will pursue my masters in education first and then pursue a degree in education administration, ed policy, of government policy.  I’ve been considering going to law school or business school…I’m a bit indecisive about my path to create change.  Regardless, I plan to help end the achievement gap in schools and aim to ensure all public schools are performing to high standards.


Ensuring children get the best possible education is what drives me.  I look forward to the challenges, the triumphs, and the failures that lay ahead of me.  I believe in students and I believe all students have the ability to transcend statistics and defy the odds to become the best they possibly can.  Great teachers do more than just teach, they engage, they inspire, they care, and they work as hard as they can to ensure the success of their students.


Also, I hope to one day be the Secretary of Education of the United States of America.  I believe that with the right drive and the right education, I can do anything I choose.  Except maybe become a rock star.  Which would not be nearly as cool as being Secretary of Education but would still be pretty awesome.



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