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I must admit, the majority of the time I’m on Pinterest I am trying to procrastinate.  I either don’t want to go to work, write an essay, go to the gym, make my bed…pretty much anything I don’t want to do can cause me to get off of Facebook and onto Pinterest.  Once there, I can spend hours fantasizing about being able to cook things besides popcorn and canned soup, decorating my non-existent mansion, planning rustic looking weddings that will most likely cost tens of thousands of dollars, and finding hours worth of exercise plans with false promises in the captions.  All of this is lovely and quite a good distraction from the real world however, I’ve recently come to view Pinterest as more than just an escape.  Pinterest has become an organizational teaching tool.


If you aren’t obsessed with crafting or thinking about what your future classroom will be like, you may be surprised to learn that Pinterest devotes an entire section of its website to “Education”.  Under this tab, hundreds of teachers share their greatest classroom crafts, projects, organization systems, and lesson plans.  There are classroom management tips, behavior modification tools…really anything you could ever use as a teacher all on one handy website that allows you to save everything to one place.  It’s amazing.


I’m not yet teaching yet but I’m applying to many alternative teaching programs (mainly Teach for America and The New Teacher Project) in the next few months.  Perhaps this new obsession with Pinterest’s Education section stems from my preoccupation with the classroom I will hopefully be preparing for in the next year.  Regardless, I am excited to have compiled dozens (okay…more like hundreds) of ideas I can use and adapt to any situation/classroom I’m placed in.


What a serendipitous result for teachers!  There are very few, successful collaborative sites out there for teachers (at least, very few that I’ve heard of) and even fewer that are as utilized nearly as much as Pinterest.  If you haven’t already checked it out…do it now!  Your classroom and your students will thank you.


PS: This post may just be a way for me to justify the amount of time I spend on Pinterest.




  1. Congrats!!! I have nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award!!! You so deserve it!! Please follow this link

    1. Thank you so much! It definitely means a lot to me and I hope you continue to draw inspiration from my posts!

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