10 Things I Learned In Preschool Today

Hand Turkey

Many people say that the most important things they learned in life were learned before they could read. I think reading is pretty important, but I agree that we can all learn some valuable lessons by going back to preschool. You don’t have to spend the rest of your days finger painting to gain the wisdom contained in a preschool classroom. I learned a lot in the 5 hours I was in preschool today. Consider this a refresher course.

1. We do not hit our friends.
-This is a pretty universal rule for virtually all preschools and the majority of life situations. Our friends won’t like us as much if we hit them.

2. If you put glue on the entire paper, something is bound to stick.
-A boy told me this today as we made a fence out of construction paper. While it’s literally true, I think it is figuratively true as well, especially in college. The chances of finding something you love are (probably) directly correlated with the amount of people you meet, the number of activities you try, the variety of classes you take, and the number of connections you make.

3. You can make anything with your hands, even turkeys.
-Preschool often feels like Iron Chef: Craft Edition. You take out as many different craft supplies as you can find and make something with them. The secret ingredient: your hands. Hands make great stencils, paint brushes, napkins, measuring tools etc. It’s great practice for the real world, when you’re given a bunch of random experiences that are then woven into a cohesive (or maybe not) life story.

4. Hand turkeys look best when covered in glitter.
-Everything looks better covered in glitter. This requires no further elaboration.

5. Finger painting is messy but it’s much more fun than using crayons.
-Playing it safe and making art with crayons is often less messy, but the colors are much more vibrant when you use your hands as brushes and your clothes as a napkin. Don’t be afraid to get messy because the end result may be better than if you had played it safe.

6. Singing a song is the best way to transition from one activity to the next.
-Incorporate music into your days. I think this is common sense but some people go days without listening to music. Personally, I think your day is boring if you don’t sing, hum, and dance a little bit.

7. We do not using hurting words when we talk to our friends.
-Even though our teachers have stopped telling us that we shouldn’t be mean or hurtful towards are friends doesn’t make it okay to do. I wish more people would remember this rule.

8. Using our words is better than pouting or crying.
-No one is going to pay any attention to you if you put on your pouty face or sit in a corner and cry in preschool. You’re just that weird kid in the corner who doesn’t want to play with anyone else. Don’t expect other people to know what you’re thinking and don’t expect them to want to deal with you crying all the time. Eventually, they’re going to give up.

9. If you think something looks strange, don’t just look at it funny, ask a question about it.
-Preschoolers say the darndest things. And they ask the best questions without fear of looking silly. I’m not sure when we acquire this skill but if there’s someone different in your class, your common room, or at a party you’re attending, ask them questions. It’s the only way you’ll learn.

10. Falling down is not the end of the world, you’re probably fine.

Do you have any lessons to add? Feel free to add your own two cents with a comment!



  1. Love this – the things we forgot along the way. It’s best to be childlike: curious, adventurous, and stress-free.

  2. leeleegirl4 · · Reply

    I absolutely agree with everything on this list and it made me laugh. Win!

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